93-94 LS&A Bulletin

Armenian Studies

216 Lane Hall 1290

Professor Ronald G. Suny, Director

Not a concentration program

Courses in Armenian Studies (Division 322)

171/Slavic Ling. 171. First-Year Armenian. (4). (LR).

172/Slavic Ling. 172. First-Year Armenian. Armenian 171 or equivalent. (4). (LR).

173/Slavic Ling. 173. Intensive First-Year Armenian. IIIb in Yerevan, Soviet Armenia. (8). (LR).

181/Slavic Ling. 181. First-Year Eastern Armenian. (4). (Excl).

182/Slavic Ling. 182. First-Year Eastern Armenian. Armenian 181 or equivalent. (4). (Excl).

183/Slavic Ling. 183. Intensive First-Year Eastern Armenian. IIIb in Yerevan, Armenia. (8). (Excl).

271/Slavic Ling. 271. Second-Year Armenian. Armenian 172 or equivalent. (4). (LR).

272/Slavic Ling. 272. Second-Year Armenian. Armenian 271 or equivalent. (4). (LR).

273/Slavic Ling. 273. Intensive Second-Year Armenian. Armenian 171-172 or equivalent. IIIb in Yerevan, Soviet Armenia. (8). (LR).

280. The Works of William Saroyan. (3). (Excl).

287/REES 287/History 287. Armenian History from Prehistoric Times to the Present. (3). (Excl).

371/Slavic Ling. 371. Third-Year Armenian. Armenian 272 or equivalent. (3). (Excl).

372/Slavic Ling. 372. Third-Year Armenian. Armenian 371 or equivalent. (3). (Excl).

415/Slavic Ling. 415. The Roots of Christian Armenian Tradition: An Introduction to Old Armenian Literature. (3). (Excl).

416/Slavic Ling. 416. Continuity and Change: Armenian Literature of the 10th-18th Centuries. (3). (Excl).

417/Slavic Ling. 417. Struggle for Nationalism: An Introduction to Modern Armenian Literature. (3). (Excl).

418/Slavic Ling. 418. The Post-Genocide Literature of the Armenian Dispersion. Permission of instructor. (3). (Excl).

419/Slavic Ling. 419. The Old Soul of a New Nation: An Introduction to Soviet Armenian Literature. (3). (Excl).

480. Armenian-American Writers. (3). (Excl).

535/History 535. Armenia and the Armenians in the 20th Century. History 287 recommended but not required. (3). (Excl).

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