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May be elected as an interdepartmental concentration program administered by the Department of Chemistry.

Prerequisites to Concentration. Biology 152 or Biology 195; Chemistry 210, 211, 215, 216; Mathematics 115, 116, 215, and 216 (or the equivalent); Physics 140/141 and 240/241. It is recommended that students interested in pursuing graduate work acquire a reading knowledge of French, German, or Russian. The prerequisite work in the basic sciences and in meeting the language requirement should be completed before the junior year.

Concentration Program. Must include Biology 305; Chemistry 302, 340, 468 and 469; Chemistry 451 and 452; and an advanced laboratory or undergraduate research course. Recommended options for the advanced laboratory course are Biol. Chem 416, Biology 429, Chemistry 480, or two terms (2 credits each) of an advanced undergraduate research project by permission of the concentration advisor. Students electing the undergraduate research option must execute an extended research project under the supervision of a faculty member who agrees to oversee the project.

Courses recommended, but not required are: One advanced Biol. Chem. 500-level module, Biology 427, 428, Chemistry 417 and 530. Requirements are flexible enough to accommodate a range of diverse interests in the physical, chemical, and biological sciences.

Honors Concentration. Qualified students may elect an Honors concentration. This program requires a thesis which describes and analyzes independent experimental work. The research topic and advisor must be approved by an advisor in Biochemistry. Students in this program are expected to maintain an overall grade point average above 3.0 and at least a 3.3 in field of concentration, including prerequisite courses. The thesis course replaces the requirement for an upper-level laboratory course outlined above.

Advising. Appointments are scheduled in 1500 Chemistry.

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