94-95 LS&A Bulletin


College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Deans of the College:

Dean Edie Goldenberg, 2522 LS&A Building, 764-0322

Associate Dean for Academic Appointments,
John Chamberlin, 2552 LS&A Bldg., 763-3271

Associate Dean for Budget,
John Cross, 2542 LS&A Bldg., 763-3275

Associate Dean for Research and Facilities,
Joseph P. Marino, 2501 LS&A Bldg., 763-3272

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education,
Michael Martin, 2508 LS&A Bldg., 764-0320

Assistant Dean for Development & External Relations, Katherine Kurtz, 350 S. Thayer, 998-6255

Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs,
Eugene W. Nissen, 1402 Mason Hall, 764-7297

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education,
David Schoem, 2518 LS&A Bldg., 763-0238

Academic Actions, Office of, 1223 Angell Hall,

Acting Director, W. Harry Marsden, 764-0311

Assistants, 764-0311

Academic Advising, 1213 Angell Hall

Director, Charles A. Judge, 763-1042

General Advisors, 764-0330

Concentration and B.G.S. Advisors, 764-0332

Course Election Office, 1223 Angell Hall, 764-2207

Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP)

Counseling, 1017 and 1020 Angell Hall, 764-9128

Composition Program, 224 Angell Hall, 764-0418

English Composition Board, 1025 Angell Hall,

Honors Program, Director, Ruth Scodel,
1210 Angell Hall, 764-6274

Inteflex, Alice Lloyd, 764-6263

International Programs, G513 Michigan Union,

LS&A Checkpoint, Director, Robert D. Wallin,
1419 Mason Hall, 764-6810

LS&A Scholarships, 1402 Mason Hall, 764-7297

LS&A Student Government, 4003 Michigan Union,

Pilot Program, Alice Lloyd Hall, 100 Observatory,

Records for LS&A, Lobby, LS&A Building, 764-9220

Residential College Counseling Office,
134 Tyler, East Quadrangle, 763-0032

Director, 133 Tyler, East Quadrangle, 763-0176

Senior Auditors, 1401 Mason Hall, 763-3101

Students’ Counseling Office, 22 Angell Hall, 763-1553

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, L-110 West Quad, 747-2768


Admissions, Director of Undergraduate, 1220 Student Activities Bldg., 764-7433

Affirmative Action Programs Office, 6041 Fleming Building, 763-0235

Campus Information Center, First Floor, Michigan Union, 763-4636

Career Planning and Placement, 3200 Student Activities Bldg., 764-7460

Pre-professional information, 3200 Student Activities Bldg., 764-7460

Cashier's Office, 1015 LS&A Bldg., 764-8230

Comprehensive Studies Program, 1017-18 Angell Hall,

Counseling Services, 3100 Michigan Union, 764-8312

CRISP, 17 Angell Hall, 763-5174

Education of Women, Center for, 330 E. Liberty,

Ethics and Religion, Office of, 2408 Michigan Union,

Extension Service, 200 Hill Street, 764-5310

Course information, 764-5311 or 764-5310

Financial Aid, Office of, 2011 Student Activities Bldg.,

Scholarships, 763-4119

76-GUIDE, 24-hour Telephone Counseling Service,

Health Service, 207 Fletcher, Information Hotline,

Nursing Center, 763-4511

Housing Information Office, 1011 Student Activities Bldg., 763-3164

Information (University Operator), 764-1817

International Center, 603 E. Madison, 764-9310


Graduate, 764-0400

Undergraduate, 764-7490

Michigan Student Assembly, 3909 Michigan Union,

Ombudsperson, 3000 Michigan Union, 763-3545

Orientation, 3011 Student Activities Building, 764-6290

President's Office, 2074 Fleming, Box 1340, 764-6270

Reading and Learning Skills Center, 1610 Washtenaw,

Registrar, 1524 LS&A Bldg., 764-6280

Services for Students with Disabilities, G-625 Haven Hall, 763-3000

Student Certification, 1514 LS&A Bldg., 764-1575

Student Locator, 764-2330

Student Organization Development Center, 2202 Michigan Union, 763-5900

Student Resident Status, 1514 LS&A Bldg., 764-1400

Transcripts, 555 LS&A Bldg., 764-8280

University Center for Child and the Family, 1007 E. Huron, 764-9466

Veterans' Certification, 1514 LS&A Bldg., 764-1575

James J. Duderstadt, Ph.D., President of the University

Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr., Ph.D., Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Edie N. Goldenberg, Ph.D., Dean

John Chamberlin, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Faculty Appointments

John Cross, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Budget and Administration

Joseph P. Marino, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Facilities

Michael Martin, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Katherine Kurtz, B.A., Assistant Dean for Development and External Relations

Eugene W. Nissen, M.A., Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs

David Schoem, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education

W. Harry Marsden, M.A., Acting Director, Office of Academic Actions

Charles A. Judge, Ph.D., Director, LS&A Academic Advising Office

Ruth Scodel, Ph.D., Director, Honors Program

Robert D. Wallin, M.A., Director, LS&A Checkpoint

The University of Michigan is committed to building a racially, ethnically and religiously heterogeneous community. This commitment stems from many sources, including the conviction that such diversity is essential to creating an intellectual and social climate which promotes the freedom of thought, innovation, and creativity so fundamental to an academic community. Further, I believe that the University has a special responsibility to seek this diversity and to nurture the sensitivity, tolerance and mutual respect that are such necessary characteristics of a community in which all may thrive.

Each member of the University community bears a special and continuing responsibility to articulate, reinforce, and reflect those values that support our highest aspirations as a scholarly and humane society. I hope you, as a continuing or prospective member of this community, will recognize the important role that you could have in this endeavor.

James J. Duderstadt