94-95 LS&A Bulletin

Natural Resources and Environment (NR&E)

Not a concentration program

The School of Natural Resources and Environment pre-professional undergraduate program is interdisciplinary in scope, providing students with a strong background in the liberal arts and sciences as well as interdisciplinary coursework in natural resources. Students completing the program receive a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environment. Issues such as acid rain, conservation biology, toxic and hazardous waste management, global change, tropical rainforest destruction and air and water pollution are examined in courses as diverse as natural resource economics, applied social and behavioral science, forest ecology, biology of conservation and extinction, environmental law policy, and landscape architecture. The curriculum provides excellent academic preparation for graduate work and careers in many fields including law, environmental science, medicine, wildlife biology, public health, landscape architecture, urban and environmental planning, public policy analysis, economics, and computer science with natural resource applications. Undergraduates wishing further information about course offerings and degree requirements should contact the School of Natural Resources and Environment Office of Academic Programs (1024 Dana Building. 764-6453).

The following course counts as an LS&A course for LS&A degree credit.

Courses in Natural Resources and Environment (Division 711)

301. Ecological Issues. (4). (NS). (BS).

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