96-97 LS&A Bulletin

96-97 LS&A Bulletin

1996-97 LS&A Bulletin


Academic Calendars

Fall Term, 1996
Winter Term, 1997
Spring Half-Term, 1997
Summer Half-Term, 1997
Spring/Summer Term, 1997

College And University Directory

I. Introduction To The College

II. Academic Advising

III. Requirements And Graduation Procedures

IV: Academic Policies And Procedures

General College Policies and Procedures
Academic Load and Normal Degree Progress
Class Standing
Residence Policy
Drop/Add Policy
Withdrawal from the College
Special Kinds of Academic Credit
Credit by Examination (CBE)
Experiential and Directed Reading/ Independent Study Courses
Extension and Correspondence Courses
Honors Summer Independent Reading
Grade Notations and Grading Policies
Academic Record
Summary of Transcript Notations
Grade Point Average

Academic Discipline
Action Pending
Probation Actions
Dismissal Actions

Honors and Awards for Superior Academic Achievement
Academic Conduct
Code of Academic Conduct
Other Grievance Procedures

V. Special Degrees And Pre-Professional Studies

Special Joint Degree Programs

Liberal Arts Study for Professional Undergraduate Programs
Pre-Legal Studies and Pre-Medicine

VII. Admissions And General Information


Transfer Students

Readmission to the College

Cross-Campus Transfer Students

Dual Degrees

International Students
International Center

Non-degree Status (ND)

General Information for All Admitted Students
Enrollment Deposit.
Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
The tuition and fees assessed by the University of Michigan are subject to change without notice by the Regents of the University.
Financial Assistance

Residence Regulations of the University

Fee Regulations

Dean of Students' Office

The Code of Student Conduct

VI. Departments, Programs, And Courses

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