96-97 LS&A Bulletin

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

351F Lorch Hall

Professor Daniel Levine (Political Science), Director

May be elected as an interdepartmental concentration program

Anthropology: 319 (Introduction to Latin American Society and Culture), 414 (Introduction to Caribbean Societies and Cultures), 417 (Indians of Mexico and Guatemala), or 418 (Indians of South America).

History: 476 (Latin America: The Colonial Period), or History 477 (Latin America: The National Period).

Literature: Spanish 381, 382 (Introduction to Latin American Literature), Spanish 431, 432 (Spanish and Latin American Literature in Translation), Portuguese 473 (Introduction to Brazilian Literature), or other upper-level course in Latin American literature.

Political Science: 448 (Government and Politics of Latin America), or 449 (Selected Topics in Latin American Politics).

Courses in Other Departments

The office of the Program makes available, during pre-registration, a list of many other upper-level courses related to Latin America and the Caribbean offered by several departments and professional schools of the University.

Courses in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
(Division 415)

399. Thesis-Writers' Seminar.
(3). (Excl).

400/Hist. 578/CAAS 478. Ethnicity and Culture in Latin America. (3). (Excl). May be repeated for a total of six credits.

455. Topics in Latin American Studies. (3). (Excl).