Language Across The Curriculum

The Language Across the Curriculum (LAC) Program was established to provide opportunities for students to use and enhance their language skills while studying in subject areas of interest to them, and to develop a heightened awareness of international issues through the use of primary and secondary sources studied in their original languages. Participation in the LAC Program is open to all students who have completed the Language requirement and achieved fourth-term proficiency in a language other than English.

Each term the LAC Program will sponsor a small number of courses in a range of departments from all divisions of the College. These LAC courses do not focus on language instruction, but instead regard language as a tool of intellectual inquiry. Some or all of the instruction and course materials in LAC courses are in a language other than English. Students should consult the LS&A Course Guide for a list of LAC courses for the current term.

LAC courses fall into four broad categories:

Students who accumulate at least four units in approved LAC courses will be certified as having engaged in "Advanced Language Study," in the form of a notation entered on the transcript; students who accumulate at least nine units will be certified as having attained "Advanced Language Competence."

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