Comprehensive Studies Program

1159 Angell Hall

Not a concentration program

The Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) is an academic unit of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts whose mission is to support, academically enrich and retain minority students within and beyond the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Although CSP's approach is comprehensive - providing intensive courses, academic advising, mentoring, and special programs - instruction and advising are central to CSP's mission. The program's aim is to develop self-directed, successful students by providing a wide variety of intensive introductory courses in fields such as biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, and Spanish. These courses not only provide students with a strong academic foundation, they also help students develop learning strategies which will help them do well in subsequent courses. CSP course sections are, moreover, distinguished by the small number of students enrolled as well as the commitment of CSP's instructors to spend as much time with students as is necessary to master the material. CSP's academic advisors have always been noted for their strong working relationships with students. This consistent, ongoing interaction with students gives CSP advisors the essential rapport to provide personal guidance based on their detailed familiarity with students' intellectual strengths and weaknesses, needs, interests, and goals. The student and the CSP academic advisor investigate career objectives, academic goals and choose courses which meet interests and requirements. CSP faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting students who have the determination, dedication, and willingness to work hard toward achieving their academic and career goals.

Courses in Comprehensive Studies Program (Division 350)

100. CSP Freshpersons Readings Seminar. (2). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit.

105. Reading and Writing Seminar: Insiders/ Outsiders. (4). (Excl).

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