98-99 LS&A Bulletin

Geological Sciences

2534 C.C. Little Building
425 E University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1063

Professor David K. Rea, Chair

Professor Stephen E. Kesler, Associate Chair

Phone: (734) 764-1435

Departmental Information

Fax: (734)
Website: http://www.geo.lsa.umich.edu/

Departmental Faculty List


Undergraduate Concentration Programs

386 Geological Sciences
313 Environmental Geology
617 Oceanography

Undergraduate Courses (by division)

377 Geological Sciences


A concentration plan in the Department of Geological Sciences is developed in consultation with a concentration advisor. A proposed plan must be approved in its entirety by the appropriate advisor prior to registration for the first term of concentration. Thereafter, progress through the plan and future elections must be reviewed, and approved in advance, whenever a change is proposed and in any case no less frequently than at the beginning of each new academic year of residence. Certification that the plan has been, or will be, carried to successful completion must also be obtained from the advisor, on an official LS&A Concentration Release Form, immediately prior to submission of the application for the degree.

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