98-99 LS&A Bulletin

A Greeting to the Students of LS&A

Dean GoldenbergWelcome to the wonderful riches of this College, so amply displayed by the Bulletin you're now holding in your hands. We are proud to be able to offer an excellent liberal arts education in nearly any area of study a student might find of interest. As you browse through these pages, I hope you'll keep in mind that your college years are a time to be adventurous. As you develop concentrations that bring focus to your studies, please also take time to explore widely: be curious and even daring. Your years here offer more than just an opportunity to develop skills that will make you employable. They are a time for developing interests and perspectives that will carry you though all the rest of your lives.


Edie N. Goldenberg Dean,
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Comments from the Assistant Dean LS&A Student Academic Affairs

Welcome to the diverse and exciting world of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Every student who elects to enter this College is beginning a journey of unprecedented opportunity.

From quantitative reasoning to creative expression, from argumentative writing skills to the study of race and ethnicity, from courses in western and non-western cultures to astrophysics and biology, the College of LS&A offers you an opportunity to understand your own ideas and values better as well as those of others.

Whether you are about to embark on your journey or now catching sight of your final port, let me invite you to take full advantage of the many academic services, resources, and opportunities the College offers. Some of you will be connected with the Comprehensive Studies, Honors, or Residential College Programs which are responsible for providing academic advising for their own students.

Most of you will be in the main stream, and whether or not you have chosen to participate in one of the learning communities, you will receive academic advising in the new LS&A Advising Center. The Advising Center is the focal point within LS&A Student Academic Affairs for providing academic services, information, and supportive help to you. The Center exists to help assure that your journey through your undergraduate years is the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding one it can be.

Finally, since you as a student are accountable for your choices, be an informed decision maker. Think about your educational choices. Read this Bulletin. Read the LS&A Course Guides. Visit the LS&A Advising Center. Seek assistance as you negotiate your journey. And whether the waters you face seem rough or smooth, return as often as you like. We are here to support your intellectual and personal development. By your active involvement in your education you will understand the true meaning of a liberal arts education. Take advantage of the rich opportunities afforded by the College.

Assistant Dean Nurse

Esrold A. Nurse, Assistant Dean
LS&A Student Academic Affairs

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