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Directory (Area Code 734)

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Deans of the College:

Dean Patricia Y. Gurin, 2522 LS&A Building, 764-0322

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,
Terrence McDonald, 2550 LS&A Bldg., 763-3271

Associate Dean for Budget,
John Cross, 2542 LS&A Bldg., 763-3275

Associate Dean for Research and Facilities,
Anthony H. Francis, 2009A LS&A Bldg., 764-0323

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education,
Robert M. Owen, 2508 LS&A Bldg., 764-0320

Interim Assistant Dean for Development & External Relations,
Wendy Keeny, 350 S. Thayer, 998-6255

Assistant Dean for First and Second Year Studies,
Evans Young, 2522 LS&A, 763-9521

Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs,
Esrold A. Nurse, 1402 Mason Hall, 764-7297

Academic Advising Center, 1255 Angell Hall

Director, Alice Reinarz, 763-1042

Advisors, 764-0332

Academic Auditors, 1409 Mason Hall, 763-3101

Academic Information and Publications, G411 Mason Hall, 764-6810

Director, Robert D. Wallin,

Academic Standards Board, 1255 Angell Hall, 764-0332

Director, Charles A. Judge, 764-0311

Assistants, 764-0311

Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) Counseling, G155 Angell Hall, 764-9128

Composition Program, 3027 Tisch Hall, 764-0418

English Composition Board, 1111-1140 Angell Hall, 764-0429

Honors Program, 1228 Angell Hall, 764-6274

Director, Rob Van der Voo

International Programs, G513 Michigan Union, 764-4311

Lloyd Scholars, Alice Lloyd Hall, 100 Observatory, 764-7521

LS&A Scholarships, 1413 Mason Hall, 764-7297

LS&A Student Government, 3909 Michigan Union, 936-2454

Peer Academic Advising Office, G150 Angell Hall, 763-1553

Records for LS&A, 1513 LS&A Building, 764-9220

Residential College Counseling Office, 134 Tyler, East Quadrangle, 763-0032

Director, 133 Tyler, East Quadrangle, 647-4363

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, 647-2768

Student Academic Affairs WWW Home Page:


Admissions, Director of Undergraduate, 1220 Student Activities Bldg., 764-7433

Affirmative Action Programs Office, 4005 Wolverine Tower, 763-0235

Campus Information Center, First Floor, Michigan Union, 763-4636

Career Planning and Placement, 3200 Student Activities Bldg., 764-7460

Pre-professional information, 764-7460

Cashier's Office, 1015 LS&A Bldg., 764-8230

Comprehensive Studies Program, G155 Angell Hall,

Counseling Services, 3100 Michigan Union, 764-8312

Education of Women, Center for, 330 E. Liberty,

Ethics and Religion, Liaison for, 3000 Michigan Union,

Extension Service, 837 Green Street, 764-5310

Course information, 764-5311 or 764-5310

Financial Aid, Office of, 2011 Student Activities Bldg.,

Scholarships, 763-4119

76-GUIDE, 24-hour Telephone Counseling Service,

Health Service, 207 Fletcher, Information Hotline,

Nursing Center, 763-4511

Housing Information Office, 1011 Student Activities Bldg., 763-3164

Information (University Operator), 764-1817

International Center, 603 E. Madison, 764-9310


Graduate (Hatcher Library), 764-0400

Undergraduate (Shapiro Library), 764-7490

Michigan Student Assembly, 3909 Michigan Union,

New Student Programs, 3511 Student Activities Building, 764-6413

Ombuds, 3000 Michigan Union, 763-3545

President's Office, 2074 Fleming, Box 1340, 764-6270

Registrar Student Services, G255 Angell Hall, 764-6280

Registration (Touch-Tone) Assistance, G255 Angell Hall, 763-5174

Services for Students with Disabilities, G625 Haven Hall, 763-3000

Student Locator, 764-1817

Student Activities and Leadership, 2209 Michigan Union, 763-5900

Student Resident Status, 1514 LS&A Bldg., 764-1400

Transcripts, 555 LS&A Bldg., 764-8280

University Center for Child and the Family, 525 East University, Suite 1465, 764-9466

University Operator, 764-1817

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