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History of Art

110 Tappan
519 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1357

Professor R. Ward Bissell, Chair

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Associate Professor Pat Simons

Phone: (734) 764-5400

Departmental Information

Fax: (734) 647-4121

Departmental Faculty List


Undergraduate Concentration Programs

411 History of Art

Undergraduate Courses (by division)

392 History of Art


Students concentrating in the history of art are required to discuss their program with a departmental concentration advisor at least once a year, and are strongly urged to do so at least once every Fall/Winter Term. The department generally has at least concentration advisors available, one of whom serves as Honors advisor. One advisor is on hand during the spring and summer terms. These advising appointments are scheduled through the Department office (110 Tappan Hall). However, progress toward the satisfaction of the many and varied LS&A distribution requirements should be monitored by an LS&A academic advisor (1255 Angell Hall). While every effort is made to apprise students of the various Departmental and College regulations and to monitor student progress, the ultimate responsibility for assuring that all requirements are met rests with the student.

The Leaflet

Department's Undergraduate Homepage

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Image browser -

database of art, architectural, and museum object images. The images included in the database currently come from four collections: University of Michigan Museum of Art; Kelsey Museum of Archeology; Slide and Photograph Collection; Department of the History of Art; Los Angeles Chicano Murals, Private Photograph Collection, Susan Atkins

History of Art's Visual Resource Collection

Mother of All Art History Links Pages

An annotated directory of more than 400 links for students of Art History.


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