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GEOG 201 — Introduction to Physical Geography: The Earth System
Section 001, LEC

Instructor: Blum,Joel D; homepage

FA 2007
Credits: 4
Reqs: BS, NS

Credit Exclusions: No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in GEOSCI 144.

This introduction to physical geography emphasizes the nature and dynamics of the earth system including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and solid earth, and their interactions. Topics include seasons, heat balance, global warming, ozone destruction and circulation, moisture, precipitation, clouds, groundwater, ocean circulation, waves and tides, plate tectonics, landform evolution and soil development, the biosphere, climate evolution, and global change.

GEOG 406 — Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Section 001, LEC

Instructor: Grengs,Joseph Donald

FA 2007
Credits: 3

The course provides an introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and how it may be applied to solve urban planning problems. Emphasis is on basic principles and concepts of GIS, theory and tools of spatial analysis, and broad exposure to GIS applications. Topics include history of GIS, hardware/software requirements, spatial data types, data formats and sources, spatial analysis techniques, making maps and reports, and fundamentals of database design.

Advisory Prerequisite: Introductory statistics (UP 503 or equivalent).

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