College Honors Courses (Division 395)

251. Sophomore Seminar. Open to Honors students with at least sophomore standing. (2-3). (HU).
Section 001 The Art and Science of Observations and Interpretations.
This seminar is designed to examine the process of gaining knowledge, in the various domains of the human experience, through a careful and detailed analysis of its various stages, i.e. observation, description, inference, interpretation, extrapolation, and prediction. Close attention will be paid to the complex interplay between rules of evidence and the nature of evidence. While this may sound like an introductory course in the history of science or epistemology, the course has no pretensions to be a philosophy class, nor will it use a philosophy text. Readings will be selected from among the great works of literature, secular and religious and enduring works of science. Students will be expected to read a fair amount and to write several papers in the course of the term. It is recommended that this course be taken pass/fail. (Guiora)

493, 494. College Honors Seminar. Upperclass standing; and permission of instructor or of the Honors Director. (3 each). (N. Excl).

College Honors 493 is offered Fall Term, 1982.

Managing the Political Economy of the U.S. . This seminar will examine how major economic decisions are made at the federal level. The focus is on studying how economics and politics interact in macroeconomic decision making in Washington; how the political system operates to shape economic issues; and by what means problems find their resolution. A major part of the discussion will deal with the decision making process on the federal budget and on major tax legislation in the Executive Branch and in the Congress. There will be an examination of the role of the President, the White House staff, the Cabinet and its major committees, special interest groups and the media. Strengths and weaknesses of the system will be highlighted, together with an evaluation of various reform proposals to improve the quality and efficiency of the Federal Government's dealings with important macroeconomic issues. The seminar will consist of lectures and discussions. Admission is by permission of the instructor and will be limited to 25 students. Participants are likely to be honor seniors majoring either in economics, politics, history or business administration. A limited number of graduate students may also be admitted. Prerequisites : A first-class academic record, with at least one year's course work in basic economics, plus an understanding of the organization of the Federal Government. Permission of Honors required for registration. Apply to Ann Fowler, 1210 Angell Hall. (Blumenthal)

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