Courses in Russian and East European Studies (Division 468)

287/Armenian 287/History 287. Armenian History from Prehistoric Times to the Present. (4). (SS).

See History 287 for description. (Suny)

395/Econ. 395/Pol. Sci. 395/Slavic 395/Hist. 332/Soc. 392. Survey of the Soviet Union. (4). (SS).

This course exposes students to a wide range of information on the Soviet Union including an overall perspective of its history, its political and social institutions, its economics, and its culture. This course is offered in the belief that an educated person should have a basic, informed understanding of the second largest industrial and military power in the world and of a country which has undergone the most profound cultural and social upheaval of any nation in this century. The lectures draw on the expertise of University faculty from all the social science departments as well as the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. The course provides students with an informed basis on which to develop and expand an interest in the Soviet Union through further study. The course has two lecture meetings and one discussion meeting a week.

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