Courses in College Community Program (Division 349)

101. Understanding Liberal Education. (1). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit.

This course proposes to help students become critical of their assumptions, perceptions, and presumptions about fact, truth, knowledge, thinking, self, and others. Intended as an overview of these issues, the course will ask students to explore their predisposition to pre-judge others, to "buy" an intellectual "bill of goods," and to accept as truth both the explicit and hidden curricula of our schools. It will present students with two persuasive yet opposing arguments on the issue of nuclear defense and challenge students to think about how to think about the issue. Finally, the class will ask students to recall their individual life histories and to re-examine and think critically about their own intellectual, personal, and social pasts and futures.

102. The Student in the University. (1). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit.

This course will provide students with an opportunity to review their purpose, role and potential in the University. It will allow students to consider their expectations and experience with the University in a thoughtful and critical manner. It is hoped that students will develop a broad understanding of what their University experience can include and how they can shape it to realize their academic potential. The course will focus on the transition from high school to college and the corresponding change in expectations students must make to be successful. The breadth and richness of a liberal arts education and its role in social and personal change will be examined. This discussion will include a focus on student perceptions of the academic opportunities and resources of the University.

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