World Literature in Translation

In addition to courses in the department of English, several other departments and programs in the College offer literature courses which require no knowledge of a foreign language. These courses earn Humanities distribution credit. What follows is a list of such courses offered in LSA for the Fall Term, 1987. Descriptions may be found in the appropriate places in this Course Guide.

Asian Studies 441.
Asian Languages and Cultures: Chinese 471 and 473; Japanese 401.
Classical Civilization 101.
Comparative Literature 240.
Germanic Languages and Literatures: Dutch 491; German 441 449, and 450.
Great Books 191, 20l, and 291.
MARC 401, 411, 430, and 439.
Near Eastern Studies: General Near East 445; Ancient and Biblical Studies 441.
Residential College Humanities 214, 311, 385, 390, 410, and 451.
Romance Languages and Literatures: French 331; Italian 433; and Spanish 331.
Slavic Languages and Literatures: Russian 449, 451, and 462; Polish 425.
Theatre and Drama 211 and 321.
University Course 150, sections 005 and 006.

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