Pilot Program

The Pilot Program will offer 9 sections of English 125 (4 credits) and several Pilot seminars (3 credits) during Fall 1989. Pilot seminars provide elective but not distribution credit in LSA. Pilot sections of English 125 provide the same credit as other sections of English 125, but are organized around thematic content. All Pilot Program courses are taught in Alice Lloyd Hall by Resident Fellows who live as well as work in the dormitory. Pilot students have enrollment priority for Pilot classes and overrides are needed. However, non-Pilot students may contact the office to be put on wait lists to enroll in a Pilot course. For further information, call 764-7521. Course information is usually not available until late summer.

189/Soc. 204. Intergroup Relations and Conflict. (3). (Excl).

SECTION 001 INTERGROUP RELATIONS AND CONFLICT. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to major theoretical and empirical frameworks for understanding and identifying problems in group relations. These "groups" and "intergroups" are broadly defined to include race and gender and class, but also sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, nationality and others as well. The course will include some practical exercises and experiences with skills in dealing with concrete intergroup conflicts. This course would be particularly useful to students who are genuinely interested in the relations between groups that have a history of conflict and potential conflict, and are ready to be challenged by intriguing and controversial ideas. It is also of value to those who are willing to examine their views and to actively seek ways to confront problems of intolerance, ethnocentrism, and discrimination. The course will meet twice a week: one hour and half lecture and one hour and half discussion section. (Sfeir-Younis)

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