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Fall Academic Term 2001 Course Guide

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Courses in Macromolecular Science

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Fall Academic Term, 2001 (September 5 December 21)

Open courses in Macromolecular Science
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MACROMOL 413 / ChemE 413 / Materials Science 413. Polymeric Materials.

Section 001.

Prerequisites & Distribution: Materials Sci. 350. (4). (Excl). (BS).

Credits: (4).

Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.

The synthesis, characterization, microstructure, rheology and properties of polymer materials. Polymers in solution and in the liquid-crystalline, crystalline and glassy states. Engineering and design properties including viscoelasticity, yielding and fracture. Forming and processing methods. Recycling and environmental issues.

Course Topics:

  1. Polymer synthesis: including addition, chain growth, network formation, and copolymers.
  2. Molecular structure and architecture: tacticity, branching, networks, copolymers.
  3. Molecular weight distribution.
  4. Rotational isomeric states, chain configuration in dilute solutions and condensed states.
  5. Characterization of molecular wt. and distribution: light scattering, osmometry, intrinsic viscosity, gel permeation chromatography.
  6. Solidification: glass formation, crystallization, changes in thermal, physical, and mechanical properties.
  7. Structure and morphology of the condensed states: melt, liquid crystalline, glass, spherulites, alloys, multicomponent materials, processing effects. Thermal effects of rheological behavior. Time temperature equivalence, WLF equation, Arrhenius behavior.
  8. Mechanical behavior of solids: viscoelasticity, Boltzman superposition principle, failure behavior and criteria, design considerations.
  9. Multicomponent systems: strengthening, toughening, alloys and blends, other additives.
  10. Forming and shaping: injection molding, blow molding, sheet forming, film forming. Effect of processing on structure and properties.
  11. Material selection and design considerations.
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MACROMOL 512 / ChemE 512 / Materials Science 512. Polymer Physics.

Section 001.

Prerequisites & Distribution: Senior or graduate standing in engineering or physical science. (3). (Excl). (BS).

Credits: (3).

Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.

Structure and properties of polymers as related to their composition, annealing and mechanical treatments. Topics include creep, stress relaxation, dynamic mechanical properties, viscoelasticity, transitions, fracture, impact response, dielectric properties, permeation, and morphology.

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MACROMOL 538 / Chem. 538. Organic Chemistry of Macromolecules.

Section 100.

Prerequisites & Distribution: Chem. 215/216 and Chem. 230 or 260. (3). (Excl). (BS).

Credits: (3).

Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.

See Chemistry 538.100.

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This page was created at 10:55 AM on Sun, Mar 18, 2001.

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