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Fall Academic Term 2003 Course Guide

Math & Symbolic Analysis Distribution Courses for Fall Academic Term 2003

LING 212. Introduction to the Symbolic Analysis of Language. (4). (MSA). Open and Available

LING 320. Computer Programming for Linguistics and Language Studies. (3). (MSA). Open and Available

MATH 105. Data, Functions, and Graphs. (4). (MSA). (QR/1).

MATH 115. Calculus I. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

MATH 116. Calculus II. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

MATH 147. Introduction to Interest Theory. (3). (MSA). (BS). Open and Available

MATH 156. Applied Honors Calculus II. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

MATH 185. Honors Calculus I. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

MATH 214. Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. (4). (MSA). (BS). Open and Available

MATH 215. Calculus III. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1). Open and Available

MATH 216. Introduction to Differential Equations. (4). (MSA). (BS). Open and Available

MATH 217. Linear Algebra. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1). Open and Available

MATH 256. Applied Honors Calculus IV. (4). (MSA). (BS).

MATH 285. Honors Calculus III. (4). (MSA). (BS).

MATH 295. Honors Mathematics I. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

PHIL 296. Honors Introduction to Logic. (3). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1). Open and Available

PHIL 303. Introduction to Symbolic Logic. (3). (MSA). (BS). Open and Available

RCCORE 105. Logic and Language. (4). (MSA). Open and Available

SOC 210. Elementary Statistics. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1). Open and Available

STATS 100. Introduction to Statistical Reasoning. (4). (MSA). (BS). (QR/1). Open and Available


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