Courses in Armenian Studies (Division 322)

171/Slavic Ling. 171. First-Year Armenian. (4). (FL).

See Armenian 171 in the Slavic Department listing. (Bardakjian)

271/Slavic Ling. 271. Second-Year Armenian. Armenian 172 or equivalent. (4). (FL).

See Armenian 271 in the Slavic Department listing. (Bardakjian)

419/Slavic Ling. 419. The Old Soul of a New Nation: An Introduction to Soviet Armenian Literature. (3). (Excl).

The establishment in 1920 of the Soviet regime in Eastern Armenia wrought profound changes in an essentially traditional society. The impact of external and internal Soviet policy on Soviet Armenia and on the latter's relation with the Armenian Dispersion, will form the historical background for this course. The main focus will be on the response of earlier and contemporary generations of Soviet Armenian writers to the new system, its ideology and its social-cultural tenets, and, on the consequences of recent political and social changes in the Soviet Union in general and in Soviet Armenia in particular. Burning issues such as the clash of old and new values; identity and continuity; nationalism; nationhood and political aspirations; and cultural and social concerns will be highlighted through a detailed analysis of the work of major Soviet Armenian literary figures such as E. Charents, A. Bakunts, G. Mahari, M. Armen, G. Emin, H. Matevosian and others. English translations of Armenian literary texts will be used and no knowledge of Armenian is required. (Bardakjian)

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