287/Hist. 287/Armenian Studies 287. Armenian History from Prehistoric Times to the Present. (3). (Excl).

See History 287. (Suny)

395/Pol. Sci. 395/Slavic 395/Hist. 332/Soc. 392. Survey of the Soviet Union. (4). (SS).
Survey of the Soviet Union and its Successor States.
REES 395 is an inter-disciplinary survey of the Soviet Union and its successor states. It assumes that an understanding of the Russia's pre-1917 history, the Russian Revolution, the Soviet political and economic systems, and the multinational character of the former USSR is essential to a liberal arts education in the 1990s. The course is organized both historically and topically. During most of the term, lectures proceed chronologically from the origins of the Russian Empire to the formation of new states after the collapse of Soviet power in 1991. The latter part of the course is thematic, including lectures on politics, society, economics, gender roles, film, and religion. We hope that this approach will provide students with an understanding of the historical and social context for the ongoing transformation of the politics and culture on the territories of the former Soviet Union.

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