Courses in Institute for the Humanities (Division 394)

311. Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies. (4). (Excl).
Section 002 The Photo Essay and the Geography of Identity.
For Fall Term 1993, this course is jointly offered with American Culture 301.002. (Leonard)

411. Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies. Advanced undergraduate standing. (1-3). (Excl). May be repeated for credit.
001 Total War, Change and Identity: The Effects of WWI on Culture, Society and Gender.
World War I, "the Great War," is considered the first modern, total war. A watershed in European and World history, the was the catalyst of political, social, and cultural change. The course examines the impact of the experience of war on the identity of individuals and groups: the national and ethnic identity, the affiliation to class and on sexual identity. The effects of mass killing, the first of its kind, and of the reconstruction of states and societies, both on combatants and on civilian populations, are examined. The wide range of sources used includes propaganda, literature, autobiographies, and contemporary filmes. Among the topics discussed are: the geography of death; the citizen and the state at war; work, class, and war; the war between the sexes; sexuality and the suffrage; war and memory; the living and the dead. (Melman)

Section 002 How Language Creates Its Own Environment. For Fall Term 1993, this course is jointly offered with English 483.002. (Stevenson)

Section 003 Food In the Ancient World: Subsistence and Symbol. For Fall Term 1993, this course is jointly offered with Classical Civilization 452.001. (Alcock)

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