The Environmental Studies Program is designed to complement a student's training in a particular academic discipline. Although the name "Environmental Studies" suggests that the Program is limited to the study of the environment, the Environmental Studies Program emphasizes courses concerned with HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT RELATIONS. The Program is not a concentration program although a student may emphasize environmental studies in the LS&A Individual Concentration Program (ICP).

353/Physics 250. Energy, Entropy, and Environment. Two and one-half years of high school mathematics, or any college course in mathematics or natural science. (3). (NS).

See Physics 250. (Rycus)

360/Geology 280. Mineral Resources, Economics and the Environment. May not be included in a concentration plan in geology. (4). (NS). (QR/2).

See Geological Sciences 280. (Kesler)

407. Culture as Environment. Environ. Studies 320 or permission of instructor. (3). (Excl).

For Fall Term, 1994, this course is jointly offered with English 317.002. (Knott)

450. Human Values and the Environment. Environ. Studies 320 and junior standing, or permission of instructor. (3). (Excl).

This capstone seminar offers an integration of humanistic and social science perspectives so often lacking in environmental efforts. The interdisciplinary seminar will look at the ways in which cultures, values, and the very nature of human beings have shaped our environmental dilemma. The seminar will draw on the diverse perspectives and insights of faculty from different departments and disciplines. The broad area of study will be the cultural and social paradoxes of environmental issues that, in the past, have tended to inhibit meaningful action. The seminar will look at the dimensions of these paradoxes and at a framework for reconciling and resolving them. Grades will be based on written assignments, class participation, and presentations. Limited to 15 juniors or seniors. Cost:2 WL:3 (Walker)

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