Courses in Pilot Program (Division 445)

150. Pilot Mini-Course. Pilot Program students. (1-2). (Excl). Offered mandatory Credit/No Credit. May be repeated for a total of four credits.
Section 005 Multicultural Group Process.
This practicum will help students develop an understanding of, and skills in, multicultural group work. The course will examine the influence of group membership in communication, leadership, decision making, and conflict management as it relates to gender, race, ethnicity and other social characteristics through readings, discussions and experiential exercises. Students will develop an understanding of basic group facilitation processes and learn to use group feedback and conflict as a means of facilitating learning and change. They will also learn to identify and develop conditions for constructive dialogue, multicultural learning and coalitional action in diverse group settings. This class is for credit/no credit. Enrollment is by override only. (Zú iga,Staff)

152. Pilot Mini-Course. Permission of instructor. (2). (Excl). May be repeated for a total of 6 credits.
Section 002 Black and White Relations.
This course is intended for students who wish to examine the relationships between Black and Whites in the United States from both historical and contemporary perspectives and envision and outline ways to improve relations between the two groups. This will be facilitated through critical examination of readings, the use of experiential exercises and emphasizing inter-racial interactions, and investigation of a current local conflict between Blacks and Whites. This is a graded course. (Monroe-Fowler, Sevig)

165. Pilot Composition. (4). (Introductory Composition).

Pilot will offer several sections of Introductory Composition. See the First Year Handbook and Freshman Fall Course Guide as well as in the Pilot Program Course Guide provided at Orientation for a description of each section's interdisciplinary theme.

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