Courses in Inteflex (Division 397)

100. First-Year Seminar. (4). (Introductory Composition).

This seminar will introduce students in academic learning and scholarly discourse through the exploration of particular topics, ranging from Ancient Greek philosophy and literature to contemporary national or global issues. As part of their introduction to scholarly discourse, students will work to advance their communication skills through critical thinking and reading, oral argument or dialogue, and practice and criticism in written composition. Topics will vary from year-to-year, depending on the instructor (see attached syllabi for examples). Open only to students enrolled in the Inteflex Program.
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211. Introduction to Health Care, I. (4). (HU).

This course is for undergraduates with an interest in health care and the health sciences. It introduces students to the fundamental concepts behind understandings of health and the theory and practice of health care. Selected literature will raise questions such as: What is health? What is illness? What is a healer? What is health care? Why support or practice health care? Possible answers will be drawn from religious, philosophical, literary, psychological, and historical perspectives. Even more fundamental assumptions underlying health care will be exposed and explored, such as our ideas about personhood, human welfare, death, and the "life force." Because technology has played such a large role in shaping and executing ideas about health care, we will also survey the history of medical technology and address questions regarding its value. Use will be made of guest lecturers, panel discussions, films, and other alternative modes of presentation. Assignments will be divided between formal tests and writing assignments. The formal tests (midterm and final) will cover the course content: readings, lectures, and discussions. The writing assignments will include two research projects and weekly discussion notes. (Collins)
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