Courses in Macromolecular Science (Division 425)

412/ChemE 412/MSE 412. Polymeric Materials. Material Sci. 350. (3). (Excl). (BS).

The synthesis, characterization, morphology, structure, and rheology of polymers. Polymers in solution and in the bulk liquid and glassy states. Engineering and design properties including viscoelasticity, creep, stress relaxation, yielding, crazing, and fracture. Forming and processing methods.
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418/Physics 418. Structural Macromolecular Physics. Math. 216 and Phys. 340. (3). (Excl). (BS).

See Physics 418.
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512/ChemE 512/MSE 512. Polymer Physics. Senior or graduate standing in engineering or physical science. (3). (Excl). (BS).

Structure and properties of polymers as related to their composition, annealing and mechanical treatments. topics include creep, stress relaxation, dynamic mechanical properties, viscoelasticity, transitions, fracture, impact response, dielectric properties, permeation, and morphology.
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538/Chem. 538. Organic Chemistry of Macromolecules. Chem. 215/216 and Chem. 230 or 340. (3). (Excl). (BS).

See Chemistry 538. (Pugh)
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