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Slavic Languages and Literatures

Courses in Polish (Division 447)

Fall Term, 1998 (September 8-December 21, 1998)

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121. First-Year Polish. (4). (LR).
Introductory course presenting basic grammatical information and vocabulary. Course is geared toward active language use through oral drills and conversational practice. Conversations and discussions include a cultural component to familiarize students with both the Polish language and culture. (Wampuszyc)
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221. Second-Year Polish. Polish 122. (4). (LR).
This course builds on work done in 121/122, First-Year Polish, and assumes a practical knowledge of the grammatical structure of the language. Emphasis is placed first on reading Polish and second on developing increased competence in speaking and writing. Cost:1 WL:4 (Soper)
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321. Third-Year Polish. Two years of Polish. (3). (Excl).
This course builds substantially on work done in 221-222, Second-Year Polish. Emphasis on recognizing and practicing various styles: writing business and personal letters; scholarly and artistic prose; poetry; diplomatic language and contemporary slang. Cost:2 WL:3
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425. Polish Literature in English. (3). (HU).
The course surveys the development of Polish literature in terms of individual authors and major literary movements from the beginning until 1863. Individual critical analysis of texts required. A knowledge of Polish is NOT required. All readings in English translation. Can NOT be taken as a tutorial. Cost:3 WL:3 (Carpenter)
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450. Directed Polish Reading. Permission of instructor. (1-3). (Excl). (INDEPENDENT).
The course is designed for students who wish to read Polish texts in the original. Readings are selected individually by students in consultation with the instructor, and they cover different fields including literature, art, philosophy, journalism, and history. Prerequisite: three years of Polish or equivalent. Students are evaluated on the basis of oral and written reports. No exams. Cost:1 WL:3 (Carpenter)
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