First-Year Seminars, Fall Term, 1998

The First-Year Seminar Program offers entering LS&A students a small group learning experience. Students participate in groups of approximately 18-25 and explore subjects of particular interest in collaboration with a faculty member who has chosen to work with first-year students in a seminar setting. It is hoped that students who take a seminar will find in it a sense of intellectual and social community that will make the transition from high school to a large university easier.

First-Year Seminars are taught through the University Courses division of the College (Division 495) or individual departments and programs. Course descriptions can be found later in this Course Guide. First-Year Seminars are 3- or 4-credit courses which may be used toward fulfillment of the Area Distribution requirement in Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Mathematical and Symbolic Analysis; the Quantitative Reasoning requirement; or the Introductory Composition requirement.

The following First-Year Seminars will be offered by departments and programs in the Fall Term, 1998. Although First-Year Seminars are generally restricted to first-year students, some are also open to upper-level students. Course descriptions appear in the departmental listings of this Course Guide.

Only first year students (including first year students with sophomore standing) may pre-register for First-Year Seminars. All other students need permission of instructor.

This list is subject to change.

Afroamerican and African Studies 103 (SS).

Section 001. Barrel of a Pen: African Politics in Literature. (Twumasi). M 1-4

Anthropology 168 (NS).

Section 001. First Year Seminar in Primate Field Studies. (Mitani). W 2-5

Astronomy 120 (NS).

Section 001. Frontiers of Astronomy. (Hughes). MWF 3-4

Astronomy 125 (NS).

Section 001. Observational Astronomy. (Mohr). MWF 11-12

Astronomy 130 (NS).

Section 001. Explorations in Astronomy. (Richstone). MWF 11-12

Chinese 250 (HU).

Section 001. Culture, Gender & Identity: Women in Chinese & Chinese-American Literature. (Feuerwerker). MW 2-4

Classical Civilization 120 (HU).

Section 001. Our English Vocabulary: Historic and Current Origins and Development. (Knudsvig). TTh 10-11:30

Section 002. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. (Cherry). TTh 11:30-1

Dutch 160 (HU).

Section 001. Colonialism and Its Aftermath. (Broos). M 12-2, Th 3-4

English 124 (Intro.Comp).

Section 050. College Writing: Writing and Literature. (Szalay). TTh 11:30-1

Section 053. Film and Society. (Howes). T 2-4, Th 3-4

English 140 (Intro.Comp).

Section 002. Renaissance Drama. (Mullaney). TTh 2:30-4

Section 003. Colonization and Resistance in Native America. (Bell). MW 1-2:30

French 244 (HU).

Section 001. Issues in Race and Cultural Diversity in the Francophone World. (Ekotto). MW 1-2:30

Geological Sciences 269 (NS).

Section 001. Evolution of the Earth. (Mukasa). TTh 1-2:30

Geological Sciences 271 (NS).

Section 001. Natural Hazards. (Lange). TTh 10-11:30

Geological Sciences 275 (NS).

Section 001. Ice Ages: Past and Present. (Moore). MWF 9-10

Geological Sciences 283 (NS).

Section 001. Evolution of North America. (Essene). MWF 3-4

History 196 (SS).

Section 001. Court Narratives: Gender and Justice in the United States. (Karlsen). MW 2:30-4

Section 003. Nationalism in the Soviet Union. (Platz). TTh 10-11:30

Section 004. Making the Future. (Carson). MW 2:30-4

History 197 (HU).

Section 001. European Intellectual History from the French Revolution to the First World War. (Becker). W 2:30-5:30

Section 002. Introduction to Maritime History. (Scott). MW 2:30-4

History of Art 194 (HU).

Section 001. From Monk to Courtesan: The Portrayal of Extraordinary Men and Beautiful Women in Japanese Painting and Prints. (Sharf). TTh 11:30-1

Italian 150 (HU).

Section 001. Society and Its Discontents. (Cornish). MW 10-11:30

Japanese 250 (HU).

Section 001. An Introduction to Japanese Theater. (de Feranti). TTh 2:30-4

Judaic Studies 103 (HU).

Section 001. Jewish Civilization in Eastern Europe. (Nysenholc). MW 10-11:30

Linguistics 102 (HU).

Section 001. Languages of Europe. (Hook). MW 4-5:30

Section 002. Humor and Seriousness. (Heath). MW 4-5:30

Section 003. Deciphering Ancient Languages. (Baxter). TTh 8-10:30

Linguistics 103 (SS).

Section 001. Language and Gender. (Keller-Cohen). TTh 8:30-10

Mathematics 128 (MSA),(QR1)

Section 001. Explorations in Number Theory. MTWF 12-1

Philosophy 196 (HU).

Section 001. Nature and Virtue in Chinese and Western Philosophy. (Ivanhoe). MW 2:30-4

Section 004. Philosophy and the Future of Work. (Bergmann). TTh 4-5:30

Physics 112 (NS).

Section 001. Cosmology: The Science of the Universe. (Thun). TTh 1-2:30

Psychology 120 (SS).

Section 001. I, Too, Sing America: Culture and Psychology. (Behling). MW 1-2:30

Section 002. Leadership: Theory and Practice. (Morris). TTh 1-3

Section 003. Leadership: Theory and Practice. (Morris). TTh 3-5

Section 004. Health and Healing: Mind and Body. (Murphy). TTh 10-11:30

Section 005. The Psychology and Culture of Fertility, Pregnancy, and Motherhood. (Merriwether). TTh 2:30-4

Section 006. The Psychology of Cuture, Power, and Human Relations. (Beale). MW 1-2:30

Section 007. Diversity, Development, and Change on American Campuses. (Saunders). MW 1-2:30

Section 008. Current Issues in Educational Psychology. (Paris). TTh 11:30-1

Section 009. Dreams. (Wolowitz). TTh 11:30-1

Section 010. Psychology and Law. (Pachella). MTF 4-6

Section 011. Psychology and Non-Ordinary Experience. (Mann). MW 1-2:30

Section 012. Late Life Potential. (Perlmutter). M 2-5

Section 013. The Future of Work and Your Work Future. (Price). MW 3-5

Psychology 121 (NS).

Section 001. The Evolution of Consciousness and Cognition. (Meyer). TTh 1-2:30

Section 002. Broken Brains. (Jonides). W 12-3

Section 003. Decisions About Marriage. (Yates). MW 10-11:30

Slavic Film & Surveys 150 (HU).

Section 001. Cultural Diversity in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia. (Shevoroshkin). TTh 1-2:30

Slavic Film & Surveys 151 (Intro.Comp).

Section 001. Russian Film/Russian Life. (Eagle). TTh 10-11:30

Sociology 105 (SS).

Section 001. Transforming America: Immigrants Then and Now. (Pedraza). MW 2:30-4

Section 002. Intergroup Relations, Conflict, and Community Building. (Schoem). MW 1-2:30

Section 003. Life Stories and the Sociological Imagination. (Rose). W 2-5

South and Southeast Asia 250 (HU).

Section 001. Traditions in Poetry in India. (Hook). TTh 2:30-4

Section 002. Text, Performance and Politics in Island Southeast Asia. (Florida). TTh 10-11:30

University Course 150 (HU).

Section 001. Fictional World of Ernest Hemingway. (Shafter). MWF 2-3

Section 002. Masterpieces of English Literature. (Steinhoff). TTh 10-11:30

Section 003. The Arts Alive: An Introduction to the Arts in Ann Arbor. (Nisbett). TTh 10-11:30

University Course 151 (SS).

Section 001. Poetry in the City. (Jackson). TTh 1-2:30

Section 002. Public Education for Blacks and Other Minorities. (Palmer). TTh 10-11:30

Section 003. Identity, Alienation and Freedom. (Pachella). T 2:30-4, F 1-4

Section 004. Theories of Socioeconomic Class. (Weinberg). TTh 11:30-1

Section 005. Poetry in the City. (Jackson). TTh 10-11:30

Section 006. Race and Power in the Americas. (Skurski). MW 1-2:30

Section 007. Medicine, Culture and Creativity. (Nerenberg). MW 1-2:30

Section 009. The Social Psychology of the University Experience. (Gold). TTh 11:30-1

Section 010. The Literature of Colonialism in Asia. (Murphey). TTh 4-5:30

Section 011. Medicine and the Media from Hippocrates Through ER. (Hobbs). MW 4-5:30

Section 012. Injury, Alcohol, Drugs: A Modern Epidemic. (Maio). TTh 4-5:30

Section 013. Science and the Practice of Dentistry in the 21st Century. (Polverini). TTh 8:30-10

Section 014. Medical Ethics. (Zivot). TTh 4-5:30

Section 015. Epidemics: Mass Disease in American History. (Pernick). TTh 4-5:30

University Course 152 (NS).

Section 001. Human Genes and Gene Therapy. (Askari). MW 10-11:30

Section 002. Clinical Psychobiology. (Cameron). MW 4-5:30

Women's Studies 150 (HU).

Section 001. Tomorrow Is Another Day: Southern Women Writers and Cinema. (Yaeger). TTh 10-11:30

Women's Studies 151 (SS).

Section 001. Court Narratives: Gender and Justice in the U.S. (Karlsen). MW 2:30-4

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