Public Policy (Division 396)

Fall Term, 1998 (September 8-December 21, 1998)

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Courses in Public Policy are listed in the Time Schedule under the School of Public Policy.

The following courses count as LS&A courses for LS&A degree credit.

555/Econ. 555. Microeconomics. Permission of instructor. (4). (Excl).
This course deals with the application of basic microeconomic analysis to public policy issues. The principal goal is to teach students the process of economic reasoning and how to apply that reasoning to policy issues in the real world. The course covers the basic topics in microeconomic theory: consumer theory, production theory, market models of perfect competition, monopoly, and oligopoly. Some calculus will be used without apology along with a great deal of algebra and graphical analysis. (Levinsohn)
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573/Econ. 573. Benefit-Cost Analysis. Econ. 555. (4). (Excl).
This course teaches students how to evaluate government programs. It covers the mechanics of benefit-cost analysis, how scarce or unemployed resources should be priced, the choice of proper time-discount rates, treatment of income distribution issues, human capital, environmental benefits, inter-governmental grants, tax expenditures, and regulatory problems. An essential part of the course is a term project each student selects a program and evaluates it. A midterm, final, and regular problems sets are given. Cost:3 WL:3 (Courant)
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585/Poli. Sci. 585. Political Environment of Policy Analysis. Permission of instructor. (3). (Excl).
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This course is an introduction to the political constraints that influence the creation and implementation of domestic public policy in the United States. The topics which will be covered include agenda-setting and political framing; Congress, executive agencies, and the judiciary; and state and local constraints upon implementation. The difference between issue analysis and issue politics is a focus of the course. This course is required for all first-year domestic-track MPP students at SPP. Students from other departments must attend the first class meeting to obtain permission to register from the instructor. Cost:2 WL:4 (Lin)
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