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Academic Advising Center
(1255 AH) 764-0332

The Academic Advising Center serves LS&A undergraduates by:

  1. Helping them make informed decisions about educational goals and the LS&A curriculum.
  2. Encouraging them to formulate an academic program appropriate to their individual interests and abilities.
  3. Assisting them in evaluating their academic progress and performance.
  4. Providing them accurate information about LS&A policies and procedures.
  5. Furnishing them an opportunity to explore the purposes of a liberal arts education.

General advisors maintain regular hours in the Academic Advising Center.

Pre-professional advising assistance also is available to LS&A students in the Academic Advising Center.

Academic Advising Center Directory

Alice Reinarz (areinarz)

Associate Director, First-Year Advising
Virginia Reese (vjreese)

Associate Director, Upper-level Advising
Philip J. Gorman (pjgorman)

Associate Director, Senior Services
W. Harry Marsden (hmars)

Coordinator of Residence Hall Advising
Wallace Genser (genser)

Administrative Assistant
Cindy Bourland (cynthb)

Academic Advisors

Cindy Barhyte (cbarhyte)
Chris Bass (cbass)
Carmela Brown (carmelab)
Cathy Conway-Perrin (cconway)
Susan Doyle (sjdoyle)
Margaret Elias (melias)
Dan Freidus (freidus)
Louise Freymann (pomona)
Susan Gass (sgass)
Robert Gordon (rwgordan)
Jeffery Harrold (jharrold)
Joe Henderson (jrhend)
Martha Kirpes (mpkirpes)
Jean Leverich (leverich)
Marty McClatchey (mmcclat)
Carla McKenzie (cmckenzi)
Toni Morales (weena)
Mary Alice Parker (maryapar)
Marsha Pumroy (mpumroy)
Ali Salamey (duras)
David R. Smith (davidsm)
John Stratman (jstratma)
Joe Summers (jsummers)
Patricia Visser (pvisser)

Specialty Academic Advisors

BGS, Susan Tepaske-King (stepaske)
BGS, Chalmers Knight (thinknow)
ICP, Jean Leverich (leverich)
Music-LS&A Joint Degrees, Robert Wallin (rdwallin)
Organizational Studies, Toni Morales (weena)

Pre-professional Advisors

Pre-business, Susan Doyle (sjdoyle)
Pre-education, Ina Bell (inabell)
Pre-engineering, Jessica Fleming (jlflemin)
Pre-law, Karen Wittkopp (klwitt)
Pre-health professions,
Patricia Visser (pvisser)
Wendy Wyte (wwyte)

Standards Board
(1255 AH) 764-0311 or 764-0332

Members of the Academic Standards Board help students individualize their programs of study and may grant exceptions to College-level academic policies and degree requirements. A student may discuss with a member and, if necessary, petition in writing for a waiver or modification of College rules. They also administer academic discipline. The purpose of academic discipline is to help foster good performance and to protect a student's chance of graduating from the College.

Academic Standards Board Directory

Chuck Judge (cjudge)

Assistant to the Board
Carolyn McCullum (cmpurple)

Board Advisors

Jeffery Harrold (jharrold)
Helen Olson (hio)
Wendy Woods (wwoods)

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