Fall '99 Course Guide

Math & Symbolic Analysis Distribution Courses for Fall Term 1999

Comp. Sci. 100/EECS 100. Introduction to Computing Systems. (MSA). (BS).

Comp. Sci. 183/EECS 183. Elementary Programming Concepts. (MSA). (BS).

Comp. Sci. 270/EECS 270. Introduction to Logic Design. (MSA). (BS).

Comp. Sci. 280/EECS 280. Programming and Introductory Data Structures. (MSA). (BS).

Comp. Sci. 303/EECS 303. Discrete Structures. (MSA). (BS).

Econ. 405/Stat. 405. Introduction to Statistics. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Ling. 212. Introduction to the Symbolic Analysis of Language. (MSA).

Math. 105. Data, Functions, and Graphs. (MSA). (QR/1).

Math. 115. Calculus I. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 116. Calculus II. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 128. Explorations in Number Theory. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 147. Introduction to Interest Theory. (MSA). (BS).

Math. 156. Applied Honors Calculus II. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 175. Combinatorics and Calculus. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 185. Honors Calculus I. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 215. Calculus III. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 216. Introduction to Differential Equations. (MSA). (BS).

Math. 217. Linear Algebra. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 256. Applied Honors Calculus IV. (MSA). (BS).

Math. 285. Honors Calculus III. (MSA). (BS).

Math. 295. Honors Mathematics I. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Math. 425/Stat. 425. Introduction to Probability. (MSA). (BS).

Philo. 303. Introduction to Symbolic Logic. (MSA). (BS).

Soc. 210. Elementary Statistics. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Stat. 100. Introduction to Statistical Reasoning. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Stat. 405/Econ. 405. Introduction to Statistics. (MSA). (BS). (QR/1).

Stat. 412. Introduction to Probability and Statistics. (MSA). (BS).

Stat. 425/Math. 425. Introduction to Probability. (MSA). (BS).

Stat. 426. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics. (MSA). (BS).

RC Core 105. Logic and Language. (MSA).

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