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Courses in Classical Civilization

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Fall Academic Term, 2001 (September 5 December 21)

Open courses in Classical Civilization
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CLCIV 481. The Classical Tradition.

Section 001 Formation of Christian Identity in the Roman Empire. Meets with Religion 380.001.

Instructor(s): Sabine G MacCormack (

Prerequisites: Class. Civ. 101 or 102. (3).

Credits: (3).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

The course examines the role of the classical heritage in Western Europe and early modern America. Emphasis will be placed on the literary, political, and legal aspects of this heritage. In studying original texts relevant to these themes, students will be asked to consider different meanings of the concept "tradition" and of the cultural and political importance of collective memory. We will also take two or three meetings to visit the University Art Museum and the Kelsey Museum, both of which have holdings relevant to the course. Another visit will be to the rare book collection in the Graduate Library, by way of gaining some insight into the early modern propagation of classical texts and their translations. Students are requested to attend class having read, and being able to discuss assigned readings (which will be substantial but manageable). Work for the class will culminate in aresearch paper, to be submitted at the end of the semester, with draft versions being reviewed and discussed earlier. A mid term exam and a final exam will test basic knowledge and research skills related to the course.

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This page was created at 9:13 AM on Thu, Oct 11, 2001.

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