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Spring/Summer 2002 Course Guide

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Courses in South & Southeast Asia

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Summer Half-Term Courses

SSEA 699. Directed Readings in South and SE Asia.


Prerequisites: Graduate standing and permission of instructor. (1-8). (INDEPENDENT). May be repeated for credit.

Credits: (1-8).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

Designed for individual students who have an interest in a specific topic (usually that has stemmed from a previous course). An individual instructor must agree to direct such a reading, and the requirements are specified when approval is granted.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: No Data Given.

Spring Half-Term Courses

Spring/Summer Term Courses

Undergraduate Course Listings for SSEA.


This page was created at 8:26 PM on Sun, Jun 30, 2002.


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