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Winter Academic Term '02 Graduate Course Guide

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Courses in English Language Institute

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Winter Academic Term, 2002 (January 7 - April 26)

Open courses in English Language Institute
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Winter Academic Term '02 Time Schedule for English Language Institute.

ELI 420. Research Paper Writing.

Section 001.

Instructor(s): Roann Altman (

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. (2).

Credits: (2).

Course Homepage:

An advanced writing course for graduate students who are required to write research papers or need to develop their Master thesis. The course is designed especially for those students who need to develop their academic skills within the context of the university, particularly the ability to organize a paper and express hypotheses and arguments in an academic style. The course will meet on a weekly basis as well as provide tutorial help.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: 1

ELI 434. Discussion and Oral Argumentation.


Prerequisites: Non-native English speaker; advanced graduate standing. (1).

Credits: (1).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

An advanced oral communication course. This course provides instruction and practice opportunities in an academic seminar-style format. The course is "listener-oriented," that is, we will focus on how effectively the speaker guides the listener in facilitating and understanding of the information being conveyed. Two sets of skills are stressed: effective organization of information and effective speech presentation skills.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: 1

ELI 584. International Graduate Student Instructor Seminar and Practicum.

Section 001.

Instructor(s): Brenda Imber (

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and permission of instructor. Participants must have an IGSI appointment to register for this course. (1).

Credits: (1).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

IGSI Seminar and Practicum is designed to provide language support instruction to IGSI who have shown considerable ability (4 on the screening) in using academic English, but who need additional feedback, evaluation, and suggestions for improvement in their language and communicative skills in the laboratory, classroom, or office hour assignments. Participants will be recommended by IGSI workshop coordinators and/or screening evaluators. Individual observation of teaching, with and without video, and consultations are the primary mode of instruction, with additional seminar meeting to discuss issues of common concern to all enrolled, such as getting and using mid-semester feedback from students. Emphasis is placed on whatever weaknesses both the IGSI and instructor identify, such as skills and strategies for effective presentations, negotiations, and other interactions with the students and course faculty.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: 5, Permission of Instructor

ELI 621. Dissertation Writing and Writing for Publication II.

Section 001.

Instructor(s): John Swales (

Prerequisites: (2).

Credits: (2).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

No Description Provided

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