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Winter Academic Term '02 Graduate Course Guide

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Courses in Geography

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Winter Academic Term, 2002 (January 7 - April 26)

Open courses in Geography
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Wolverine Access Subject listing for GEOG

Winter Academic Term '02 Time Schedule for Geography.

GEOG 472 / UP 572. Transportation and Land Use Planning.

Section 001.

Instructor(s): Jonathan Levine (

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. (3).

Credits: (3; 2 in the half-term).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

This course explores the interrelated systems of urban transportation and urban land use to discover principles and ideas that can be useful in designing plans that affect the two. The course covers five broad areas:

  1. Transportation Planning History: What assumptions and approaches have guided domestic transportation planning in this century?; How do transportation planning's roots and traditions affect current practice?; In what ways did transportation planning and technologies interact to produce evolving city forms?
  2. Transportation and Land Use Theory: What frameworks have been developed to understand the interrelationships between transportation and land use, and how might these affect how we view potential transportation planning alternatives?
  3. Transportation Planning Technique: Formal approaches to modeling the urban transportation
  4. Land Use and Transportation History: What assumptions and approaches have guided the evolution of domestic land use and transportation systems in the past few decades. We will explore these approaches as well as their limitations.
  5. Urban Transportation Policy: Alternative definitions of "the transportation problem" can lead to different directions for policy. We will explore various contemporary transportation planning concerns and approaches to dealing with them.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: No Data Given.

GEOG 795 / REES 795 / HISTORY 795 / POLSCI 795 / ECON 795 / RUSSIAN 795. Research Seminar in Russian and East European Studies.

Instructor(s): Jane R Burbank (

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and permission of instructor. (3).

Credits: (3).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

See Russian and East European Studies (REES) 795.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: 5, Permission of Instructor

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