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Courses in Armenian Studies

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Winter Academic Term, 2003 (January 6 - April 25)

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ARMENIAN 416 / AAPTIS 474. An Introduction to Modern Armenian Literature.

Armenian Literature and Culture in English

Section 001.

Instructor(s): Kevork B Bardakjian (

Prerequisites: (3). May not be repeated for credit.

Credits: (3).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

In this period, Armenian literature initially flourished mostly in the Armenian dispersion. Alongside traditional literature in Classical Armenian, there had long emerged a new, secular literary trend, expressed in the Middle Armenian. Responding to a growing national awareness, Armenian writers in the 19th century revised some of the principal elements of Armenian identity and placed a greater emphasis on its political aspects. Such trends and many innovative ones continued into the 20th century, but the Genocide of 1915 brought Western Armenian literature to an abrupt end. This tradition survived in the post-Genocide dispersion, at the same time as a new literature began to emerge in Soviet Armenia. This course will focus on a wide range of issues that reshaped Armenian letters: the clash of old and new values: identity, legitimacy and continuity; nationalism, nationhood, and literary reactions to violence: and cultural, aesthetic and social concerns, all against a historical background.

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This page was created at 8:06 PM on Wed, Feb 5, 2003.

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