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Winter Academic Term 2003 Graduate Course Guide

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Courses in Slavic Linguistics, Literary Theory, Film, and Surveys

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Winter Academic Term, 2003 (January 6 - April 25)

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SLAVIC 470. Topics in Cultural Studies of Central. Eastern, and Southern Europe.

Slavic Surveys

Section 001 The Shtetl: Myth and Reality. Meets with Judaic 496.012

Instructor(s): Mikhail Krutikov

Prerequisites: (3). May be elected up to three times for credit.

Credits: (3).

Course Homepage:

For over than three centuries the majority of East European Jews lived in numerous shtetlekh, small market towns that served as centers of local trade and commerce. The shtetl, with its distinct character, became the primary setting of nineteenth-century Yiddish literature. It also left a lasting impact on Jewish imagination and historical memory. The course will explore complex interactions between reality and imagination, as the shtetl mythology has gradually become a key feature of Jewish "usable past," particularly in the United States. We will look into a variety of historical sources, memoirs, works of fiction and literary criticism, as well as examine visual representations of the shtetl in art and film. A reading knowledge of one of the following languages: Russian, Polish, German, Yiddish, or Hebrew is desirable. The COURSE will combine lectures, group discussions, and student presentations.

Assessment: one 2,500-word essay, one oral presentation based on a work that is not included in the required reading list, active participation in class discussions.

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SLAVIC 662. Directed Reading in Slavic Linguisitics.

Slavic Linguistics


Prerequisites: SLAVIC 483 and permission of instructor. Graduate standing. (1-4). (INDEPENDENT). May not be repeated for credit.

Credits: (1-4).

Course Homepage: No homepage submitted.

Designed for individual students who have an interest in a specific topic (usually that has stemmed from a previous course). An individual instructor must agree to direct such a reading, and the requirements are specified when approval is granted.

Check Times, Location, and Availability Cost: No Data Given. Waitlist Code: 5, Permission of Department

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