Residential College Courses

Most RC courses are open to LS&A students and may be used to meet distribution requirements.

Humanities (Division 865)


482. Drama Interpretation II: Performance Workshop. Hums. 280 and either Hums. 282 or playwriting, or permission of instructor. (HU).

THE WORKING DIRECTOR. This course will examine the step by step process and prerequisites of the director in bringing a dramatic text to life on the stage, including the integration of dramaturgical background and textual analysis with rehearsal technique. An on-going production model will be provided by the Brecht Company's 1989 summer production of Bertolt Brecht's THE THREEPENNY OPERA which the course will use as an observation laboratory and springboard for its own work. Students will gain hands on experience preparing, directing and presenting their own interpretation of scenes from THREEPENNY, its dramaturgical precursor THE BEGGAR'S OPERA, and other stylistically and thematically related works. Although students may be able to fulfill some course objectives as members of the Brecht Company ensemble, (AUDITIONS IN MARCH 1989) direct involvement with the THREEPENNY production is not a requirement, and students with no affiliation to the Brecht Company are welcome in the class. (Brown)

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