Courses in Women's Studies (Division 497)

344. Women in Literature and the Arts. Women's Studies 240 or permission of instructor. (HU).

This course examines the ways in which the sex/gender system shapes women's art in various social, political and cultural contexts. May focus on women's use of male-dominated art forms (e.g., novels, films, painting, music, etc.) and/or forms associated with women (e.g., textile arts, letters, diaries, etc.). Explores such questions as: how gender is constructed in the image and representation of women, how women artists appropriate and alter traditional genres, and why women are excluded from the art establishment.

345. Third World Women. Women's Studies 240 or permission of instructor. (SS).

WS 345 focuses on women of color, that is, minority women within the United States (Afro-American, Asian-American, Latina, or Native American) and/or Third World women. In the United States context the course examines the interaction of race and gender. In Third World societies, it explores additional forms of oppression, such as imperialism. Call the Women's Studies Office (763-2047) after April 1, for a more specific description.

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