Ancient and Biblical Studies (ABS: Division 317)

Elementary and Intermediate Language Courses

280/Rel. 280. Jesus and the Gospels. (4). (HU).

Come and explore the various portraits of Jesus in the Gospel literature of the first two centuries CE. By approaching the literature from a historical-literary perspective, we will define the themes and views surrounding the figure Jesus of Nazareth. We will focus on the developing Christian communities in the geographical areas of Jerusalem, Greece, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and Rome. This class will provide the student with an understanding and appreciation of the Greco-Roman world in which Christianity developed as well as the earliest recoverable traditions about Jesus. Texts will include extracts from the New Testament. Naq Hammadi, and other papyrological discoveries. Evaluation is anticipated to include three take-home examinations in addition to class participation projects. The lecturer plans to include discussion sessions, slides, and at least one field trip to the Kelsey Museum and to The University of Michigan's Papyrology Collection. No prerequisites are needed. [Cost:4] [WL:4] (DeConick)

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