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Most RC courses are open to LS&A students and may be used to meet distribution requirements.

RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE WAITLIST PROCEDURES: Unless otherwise indicated, waitlists for all Residential College courses are maintained in the Residential College Counseling Office, 130 Tyler, East Quad. When a course fills, students should come to the RC Counseling Office to be placed on a waitlist. Policies and procedures for the waitlist will be explained then. Residential College students are given priority in all Residential College courses.

Interdivisional (Division 867)

351. Special Topics. (2). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit. May be repeated for a total of 8 credits.

ISSUES AND STRATEGIES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE. In this course, we will study various strategies on non-violent protest, the framing set of concepts which are their roots, and the thoughts of the individuals who first gave these concepts voice. We will also explore non-violence as a goal in itself. Leaders such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King developed non-violent protest as a way to challenge the state's denial of civil, human, and political rights. Their writings and actions have been the basis for contemporary challenges to government policy on a widening scale as well as inspiring many variations in citizen action. In exploring strategies of non-violent citizen protest, we will necessarily consider some of the contemporary issues in which non-violence means has been a guiding theme. Considering non-violence means raising questions about violence as well: When is violence justified? What forms does violence take? Are they all easily recognized? How does violence come to be identified with men and not with women? Readings will include Martin Luther King's "Letter from Birmingham City Jail" and "Pilgrimage to Non-Violence," selections from Gandhi's NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE, Henry Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience," Lakey and Kokopeli's "More Power Than We Want: Masculine Sexuality and Violence," Michalowski's "The Army Will Make a 'Man' Out of You," selections by Mandela, Tutu, and Lekuota. You will also read a book on one of the great non-violent resistance movements such as Taylor Branch's PARTING THE WATERS, Robert Weisbrot's FREEDOM BOUND, or Hampton, Fayer, and Flynn's VOICES OF FREEDOM. Please buy GANDHI ON NON-VIOLENCE, ed. by Thomas Merton and Strunk and White's ELEMENTS OF STYLE. Evaluations or grades will be based on class participation and short weekly written critical appraisals of the readings (3-5 pages). There will be no exams. (Larimore)

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