Courses in Russian and East European Studies (Division 468)

396/Econ. 396/Pol. Sci. 396/Slavic 396/Hist. 333/Soc. 393. Survey of Eastern Europe. (4). (SS).

Eastern Europe is now in ferment as the individual countries in the region are developing new relationships with the USSR and new approaches in politics and economics. This course is an interdisciplinary survey of the region focusing on history, and the political, social, and economic systems, which will hopefully provide the background to better understand the area and the exciting changes now occurring. The course will consider Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Yugoslavia, Rumania, Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. We do not expect students to have background in the area; thus the course is intended to introduce students to Eastern Europe. Course requirements are a midterm essay exam (no spots), an 8-10 page paper to allow students to follow up individual interests and a final exam (2 essays with choice). [Cost:3] [WL:4] (J. Fine)

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