Courses in Women's Studies (Division 497)

344. Women in Literature and the Arts. Women's Studies 240 or permission of instructor. (3). (Excl).

This discussion course will focus on women film directors and feminist film criticism. We will begin with a study of an early and exceptional Hollywood film director, Dorothy Arzner, but most of the course will examine independent films made by women since the feminist movement, ranging from documentaries to avant-garde and more traditional dramas. The course will include lesbian and Third World feminist films. We will pay special attention to the development of a feminist language(s) and the conditions of production and distribution of films by women. We will discuss current debates and issues in feminist film theory (i.e., realist documentary vs. "feminine" Avant-garde, the male/female gaze) and apply our ideas to the representative films to be screened. Required reading: mostly articles on feminist film theory (50-100 pages per week). Written work: one paper and a final exam. [Cost:1] [WL:4] (Moses)

351. Women and the Community II. Women's Studies 350 and permission of instructor. (2). (Excl). (EXPERIENTIAL).

This course combines community work experience with a theoretical analysis of women's status and roles in society. Students can choose from internships in such area as health care, reproductive rights, counseling, law reform, government, advocacy, daycare, media, the arts, and occupational health. In addition to 5 hours per week in their internships, students attend a weekly 2 hour seminar that covers such topics as volunteerism, community and organizational analysis, sexism in the workplace, gender roles and socialization, an and feminist activism. Experience with other Women's Studies classes is recommended and present involvement with a community agency is preferred. For more information, contact the Women's Studies Office, 234 W. Engineering. (763-2047) (Alvarez)

441. Honors Research Tutorial. Women's Studies 240, junior Women's Studies concentrators. (1). (Excl). (TUTORIAL).

Prepares second term junior Women's Studies concentrators to write an Honors thesis. Students choose a thesis topic before beginning this tutorial. They then work independently with an appropriate faculty member to develop the research skills specific to their topics (e.g., analytic, library, or computer skills). By the end of the term students should have a well-defined research design and the skills to carry it out. Requirement: a short written thesis prospectus.

447/Sociology 447. Gender Roles and Status. (3). (SS).

See Sociology 447. (Anspach)

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