Courses in Biology (Division 328)

305. Genetics. Biol. 152 or 195 (or the equivalent). (4). (Excl).

This course is designed for students who are concentrating in the natural sciences, or who intend to apply for graduate or professional study in basic or applied biological sciences. This introduction to genetics is divided into the following segments: chromosomes and patterns of inheritance; linkage and recombination; DNA and gene expression; regulation of gene expression; mutation; use of genetics in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology; and population genetics and evolution. There are three lectures a week (two hours per day), and two discussion sections directed by teaching assistants. The discussion sections are used to introduce relevant new material, to expand on and review the lecture material, to discuss both classic and recent papers from the scientific literature, and to discuss problem assignments. Grading is based on 3 quizzes and 3 examinations covering the lecture material, discussion material, reading assignments in the text, course pack materials, and new problems that test applications of basic concepts and genetic techniques. Practice problem sets designed for this course will be available and are covered in discussion sections or the Genetics Office where all office hours of TA's are held. Demonstrations of living material and genetic tools are given during the term. [Cost:3] [WL:1] (Ketcham and MacArthur)

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