Courses in Linguistics (Division 423)

112(111). Languages of the World. (4). (SS).

This course examines the variety of the world's languages and the efforts to classify them by family and by language type. In studying some of the different possibilities of sound and grammar systems, we will be looking for ways in which languages are the same, as well as how they differ. Course work will include problem sets. [Cost:1] [WL:2]

211. Introduction to Language. (3). (SS).

From time immemorial human beings have been curious about language - about its structure, its diversity, its use, and its effects on others. In this course, we will explore the human capacity for language, beginning with the ways language differs from animal communication and with how children acquire language. We will then review major aspects of language structure (sounds, words, sentences), and show how variations on standard English such as English creole, Black English, and sign language can be described. Finally, we show how everyday language already has the properties (rhythmic alternations, sound symbolism, perspective shifts, parallelism, and metaphor) that are developed into poetic language and political oratory. [Cost:1] [WL:2]

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