Courses in Women's Studies (Division 497)

110. Practical Feminism. (1). (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit.

LESBIAN STUDIES. This mini-course will be held in the last seven weeks of the Fall Term, 1990. The course will meet in the Women's Studies Program Conference Room (238A) in the West Engineering Building. WS 110 will be a broad introduction to the field of lesbian studies. The class will discuss the following topics: lesbian history, lesbian feminist thought, coming out, contemporary lesbian culture, issues of racism and classism within the lesbian community, sexuality, and future visions. Students are expected to take an active role in directing and facilitating the course, as it will primarily center on student discussions of reading and projects. Students will be asked to keep a weekly journal that integrates critical analysis of the readings, classroom discussions, and personal reactions. Grades will be based on class participation, weekly journals, and a final project/presentation to the class. [Cost:1] [WL:4]

240/Amer. Cult. 240. Introduction to Women's Studies. Open to all undergraduates. (4). (HU).

Designed as an introduction to the new, feminist scholarship on women. Women's Studies 240 is an interdisciplinary course which acquaints students with key concepts and theoretical frameworks to analyze women's condition. We will explore how women's status has changed over time and across cultures, but we will concentrate on the situation of the contemporary American women. [Cost:3] [WL:5 Students need to attend a section of their choice and should also go to the lecture. Attend section even if it occurs before the first lecture.

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