397. Undergraduate Reading Course. Permission of instructor. (Excl). (INDEPENDENT). May be repeated for credit.

An independent study course of 1-3 credit hours. A student must obtain permission of the instructor prior to registration. The subject and terms of grading the course should be determined by the student and instructor prior to registration as well. [Cost:NA] [WL:NA]

497. Senior Honors Thesis. Permission of instructor. (Excl). (INDEPENDENT).

The Senior Honors thesis is for students who have been approved by the Near Eastern Studies concentration advisor, honor's advisor, and the LS&A Honor's Council. This course should be taken both semesters of the senior year, for not less than three or more than six credits per semester. The length of the thesis may vary, but 50-60 pages is common. Two advisors should be chosen. The principal advisor will be a member of the faculty in whose field of expertise the thesis topic lies, and he or she will oversee the student's research and the direction taken by the thesis. The deadline for submission of a draft of the thesis is the end of the week following spring break. The completed thesis must be submitted by the beginning of the exam period. Upon completion of the Honors thesis (and maintenance of a minimum overall grade point average of 3.5), Honors candidates may be recommended by the two advisors and Honors advisor for a degree "with highest Honors", or with "with Honors", in Near Eastern Studies (followed by the area of specialization). A notation is made on the diploma and the transcript.


280/Rel. 280. Jesus and the Gospels. (HU).

The course will examine each of the New Testament Gospels (including some noncanonical gospels e.g., the Gospel of Thomas), the major episodes of Jesus' life, and the major teachings of Jesus. Students will be introduced to the different critical methods applied to the gospel texts by New Testament scholars and to the religious, historical, and social world of Jesus and the gospels. Evaluation will be on the basis of a mid-term, short research paper, and final exam. The format of the course will consist of lectures with sufficient time reserved for questions and discussion. No special background is required. Interested students are encouraged to register. (Munoa)

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