Courses in Women's Studies (Division 497)

110. Practical Feminism. (Excl). Offered mandatory credit/no credit.
Introducing Women of Native American Communities.
This mini-course (May 5-June 2) provides an introductory glimpse of the rich and varied lives of women from contemporary North American communities. We will study four themes currently manifested in Native American communities: aesthetic production, spirituality and healing, political advocacy, and maintenance of their traditional position of respect and power. Mostly, the content of the course will be conveyed through the words, music, images, and representations of Native American women themselves. Class meetings are mandatory. During the hour after class sessions, there will be an optional hour for dialogue and discussion. Grading will be based on class attendance and one final paper, 10-12 pages, with a choice of style and subject. To allow you to sample the rewarding resources available, readings will include both books and articles equivalent to one book per week. Cost:2 WL: Overrides given at 1st class Cost:2 WL:3 (Larimore)

315/English 315. Women and Literature. (HU). May be repeated for a total of 6 credits.

See English 315. (Ellison)

336/CAAS 336. Black Women in America. (Excl).

See CAAS 336. (Barkley-Brown)

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