381. General Ecology. Biol. 152-154 or 195 (or the equivalent); and a laboratory course in chemistry. (Excl). Satisfies a Biology laboratory requirement.
This course introduces the basic concepts and principles of ecology as applied to the study of individuals, populations and communities of both plants and animals. Topics include the role of physical and biotic factors influencing the distribution and abundance of organisms, dynamics of single species populations, competitive, predator-prey, and mutualistic interactions, community organization, evolutionary and behavioral aspects of ecology, and current applications of ecology to problems of environment and resource management. Students are expected to attend lectures and one of two laboratory sessions at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, 1800 Dixboro Road. (See Time Schedule for dates and times.) Free bus transportation between the Main Campus and the Botanical Gardens is provided. An independent project, several laboratory reports and one midterm exam, plus a final examination, constitute the main basis of evaluation. Cost:3 WL:2 (Choe)

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